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The best way to explain our policy is to state our purpose. U.S. Hemp wants an end to all war and basic equality and human rights for everyone. We want peace and happiness for all. There is a logical path to achieving those goals but it is not a popular or profitable journey. That being said: “we want you to be happy and we need money to accomplish our goals.”

First: Come to us without malice or deception because that is the way you will be received and treated by people that take joy in your satisfaction. That is not to say we know what makes you happy or even that you know what makes you happy but we care and we'll try.

Second: If you are not knowledgeable about the value or quality of our products and you are unsure of our integrity---ask people that know us. We don’t have the money to advertise or the time to convince people we are not out to cheat them. We have a short time to raise enough money to raise our voice against these wars against humanity that never seem to end. If you share our views and like what we are doing, and the way we do it, then support us and promote us in any way you can.

Anyone genuinely unhappy with one of our transactions can have a refund or any equitable remedy we can arrange to be fair, keep peace and promote happiness.

Third: Once you have decided on and purchased a product we would like a maximum of 2 weeks to get it to you and a promise. We would like you to promise to be patient and remember that it is a crazy world out there but we are on your side.

Fourth: We accept PayPal, Cash, Checks, Credit Cards or Money Order. Cards and Cash is the fastest way to get things moving because they instantly put the power to be efficient and effective directly into our hands. Be sure you understand the shipping and handling charges and arrangements. We can avoid most problems by simply “caring” that we understand each other. We will try to find the most practical way to accommodate your shipping needs across that vast ocean of “I Don’t Care”.

U.S. Hemp hates all those long, well worded, disclaimers and agreements about money and responsibility that amount to “take it-or-leave it” sucker. I wish we could simply say we like people more than money and that is our policy.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at contact@ushempstore.com


U.S. Hemp

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