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The U.S. Hemp Store is about Money. U.S. Hemp hates the dog-eat-dog tactics of doing business today. Real musicians are not very good at business. Inspiration is a gift and reproducing it for others is a talent that takes skill and practice. Selling these gifts is an uncomfortable gray area for artists because they have “Not For Sale” stamped all over them. But staying alive and getting to the gig with the instruments and tools to spread your message is also an important consideration. The message, music and the musicians get messed up when the money blurs the sound. The message is always the same: “treat people the way you want to be treated. People have to be reminded that to do otherwise creates chaos and sadness instead of peace and happiness. U.S. Hemp is here to remind you of the difference between fighting and dancing.

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U.S. Hemp is “About” the message of peace and love and Buck Money is “About” the realities of the hard cash it will take to accomplish our goals. Ulysses Samuel Hemp deals with these conflicts all through his books.

We try to keep our business simple and honest and that makes us suckers in the eyes of many and a target in the eyes of some. So Buck Money watches the store the best he can while we make music and try to get people to stop killing and cheating each other.


U. S. Hemp

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