The ancient system of barter is still legal (I hope) and here are our simple rules. Come to us without malice or deception. Make any propositions honestly and in good faith; be knowledgeable and prepared to offer suggestions that are easily recognized as beneficial to U.S. Hemp and our shared goals. Find out about us from somebody else that knows us. We don’t have the money to advertise or the time to convince people we are not out to cheat or hurt them in some way. If you share our views and like what we are doing, and the way we do it, then support us and promote us in any way you can.

If you see something on our website that you like that is marked barter: offer anything of real and legal value for it. Broken or unwanted jewelry and things made of gold or silver are valuable to us and simple to calculate.

Jewelers pay fixed and unreasonably high prices for the prefabricated gold and silver sheet to make cookie-cuter jewelry. When you try to sell your unwanted and broken things to the “go-between's” you get offered a very low price based on the estimated gold and silver content of your jewelry, silverware and things. The jeweler gets treated the same way when he tries to return his scrap gold and silver. They get you coming and going. That "in between money" could be used to change things from the way they are to the way they should be.

Mutual need satisfied by barter creates mutual benefit by elimination of the middlemen. Modern technology has now brought us together without the need for all the “go-between's”. I am not sure how much the King’s tariffs are on this ancient system and newly discovered outlet but I'm sure we will find out. Please look around the old store, get to know us and make us an offer we can’t refuse.

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